Friday, 8 October 2010

BA Interactive Arts: Eraserhead Sweeded

Sweded film

This week we got put into groups and got given a brief which was to create a 2 minute sweded version of a film. Our group got given 'Eraserhead', a film which no one in our group had seen or even heard of!

We went to the library to research and watch some clips from 'Eraserhead which we discovered is a surrealist film set in a post-apocalyptic world about a couple who give birth to a mutant baby. We decided on the key aspects of the film we wanted to focus on for example the woman in the radiator scene representing the main protagonists suicidal thoughts and insomnia and the bleeding chicken foreshadowing the baby being killed.

We were proud of the outcome and I really enjoyed this task. I forgot how fun film making was and I'm looking forward to making some more this year!


On the first week of the course we were put into groups along with some second year students and asked to produce a 'party' relating to a certain theme.

Our group got given the theme of 'a party with dysfunctional guests', so we decided to do a dysfunctional family Christmas dinner. For decorations we made deliberately tacky looking Christmas decorations and hung up tinsel and Halloween banners to make it look trashy and messed up. We then set up a collapsed table and broken chairs and stuck the food and drink on to the table making it dysfunctional as you couldn't sit at the table or eat the food.

Although we could probably have played with the idea of a dysfunctional family a bit more I thought that our party was a success. Our group worked well together and it was good to get to know the second years and listen to their stories from their first year on the course, it was also intresting to see the ideas that the other groups had came up with.